Career Coaching

Career coaching helps you to understand your potential, your strengths and interests and career choices.


Our coaching empowers you to take action.


We help all levels from graduates to managers to senior executives.

Many of our clients are unhappy in their job and unsure of the next steps.

They are bored, underpaid and not feeling challenged or fulfilled.

Many people are not aware of their own talents and ability, or the options that are available to them.


Being unhappy in your career is detrimental to your happiness and enjoyment of life itself – The Career Agent is here to help.

We reflect on your career and studies understand what gives you gratification at work.


This includes confirming your ideal the job, but also the most suited industries and type of company.

Our reviews tell the story.

How do we help?

  • Career options - Find your ideal career

  • Career plan - How to land a job

  • CVs, Cover Letters, Linkedin - Be employable on paper

  • Job searching - Find the best jobs

  • Interview success - Get job offers

  • Job performance - Get promoted and pay rises

  • Confidence - Boosting confidence to achieve your potential.

Who do we help?

  • Current Students and Graduates

  • Executives and Managers

  • Senior Management

  • Parents returning to work

  • Redundancies

  • Ex-forces

Get Career Success

Career plan

We establish the ideal next career steps to bring you career fulfilment!

CV, Cover letters, LinkedIn

We create world beating CVs, cover letters and eye catching LinkedIn profiles to land you job interviews.

interview training

We enhance your interview technique to bring you success including mock interviews and training.

Promotions, payrises

Helping you achieve promotions, pay rises and to advance your career!