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"When we recruit for your business, the challenging questions aren't just for the candidates." Rory, Founder.

We help growing businesses to hire talented people who deliver significant success.

We get under the skin of your business, confirming exactly what you need to grow. This includes lessons learnt from previous hiring.

We confirm your employer value proposition, and write tailored job specifications that attract the right candidates.


We also get under the skin of candidates, to find people with the right skills, who go the extra mile for you.

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people strategy

- What success looks like

- Creating your 'Employer Value Proposition'

Job spec

- Fit for purpose job specs

- Attract the right candidates

- Save time at interview


- Our pre-screening process saves time and increases quality


- We partner with you to hire the candidates that deliver growth

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how we help

We find candidates that deliver success to your business.

​​Do you;

  • Struggle to find candidates with the right skills AND motivation?

  • Have experience of hiring the wrong candidates?

  • Feel frustrated with time wasted on recruitment?

  • Feel anxious about hiring the right people?

  • Feel unsure about who you need to hire?

How we help

  1. We get under the skin of your business, to understand your culture and establish your ideal hire.

  2. We get under the skin of candidates, using our three stage pre-screening process, to find a match.

  3. We present candidates with the right skills, motivation and personality fit.

  4. We work consultatively with you throughout, to find and hire the best person for your business.

our process


Register your details above to book in a meeting to discuss your requirements.


We create a Job Specification to reflect the job role, selling points and company culture.


We conduct our pre-screening process to filter the best candidates for you. We present candidates with a report on their suitability.


You interview our candidates, discuss their fit with us.



happy clients

“The Career Agent have been a breath of fresh air as a recruitment partner. I work for a large corporate company and am used to agencies sending through numerous of ill-suited CVs, leading to hours of wasted interviews.


They take time to listen to what you are trying to achieve, then find people who are best suited. Every candidate has had quality, which has shortened the hiring process. The Career Agent will be my first choice going forward and I will be pushing for my firm to use them as their preferred recruiter."

“The Career Agent are rare recruiters; spending equal time between the client and the candidate to match everyone’s needs in a realistic and refreshingly direct way."


"From candidates feedback, Rory like a coach; interestingly, we feel he’s working in a similar way with us, mentoring us towards the right solution. His pro-active involvement in our recruitment process is unmatched."

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