The Career Agent provides tailored and industry informed support to help you land a great job or advance your existing career

To learn to drive, you hire a driving instructor. To learn an instrument, you hire a music teacher. Landing the right job/career no different. Get a career coach to achieve career success.

“Rory worked out what career I wanted and devised a plan for me to achieve it, his input was invaluable.”

“Rory highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and gave me the confidence to nail interviews.”

“I was fortunate to be offered the job, I don't think I would have been without Rory's help.”

“I landed my perfect job whilst been coached by Rory. I realised that everyone needs a coach.”

Who do we help?

  • Graduates – secure their first graduate level job.

  • Job progression – Get promoted, pay rises and greater job satisfaction.

  • Job changers – move to a new job within a similar industry.

  • Career changers – move to a new career choice that suits them better.

100+ of our clients have landed great jobs, higher salaries, promotions and pay rises across a range of industries. Everyone’s skills, interests, values are unique, book a FREE call to discuss what career success looks like for you!

The benefits – why work with us? 

1. Find the right job/career for you

Helping you find the job/career that will:

  • Intellectually challenge you

  • Bring enjoyment and value

  • Has future progression

  • Is financially rewarding (if this is important to you).


We understand the job market and the thousands of different job options out there.

We will focus on where the best opportunities are.

2. Increase salary / earning potential

We focus on growing industries that will be profitable to you now and in the future.

3. Increased confidence

Boosting/rejuvenating your confidence, empowering you to make a positive change.

Putting setbacks in context to learn, move on and get positive.

Keeping the momentum going during the job search, persevering.

4. Be more employable

Increase your chances of landing interviews, authentic CVs, cover letters, Linkedin.

Become interview fluent to nail interviews.

5.The job search

Activate your network to bring you job opportunities.

Manage Recruiters to act in your best interests.

Finding the best jobs to apply for.

6. Better job performance, pay rises

Activate your network to bring you job opportunities.

Manage Recruiters to act in your best interests.

Finding the best jobs to apply for.

Our Service

Each stage provides downloadable free documents and reports on your unique situation.

You may require just one or all the services below.



1. Career Plan

  • Analyzing your experience, unique strengths, interests and values:

    • We discuss all your prior education and employment experience.

  • Confirming what jobs and industries suit you.

    • Making you aware of growing industries, finding your niche.

  • Report on your unique strengths, values and ideal job/career. (Doc)

  • Skills Audit with STAR examples, to prove your ability. (Doc)

  • Action plan: what is required to land your ideal job. (Doc)

2. CV, Cover Letters, Linkedin​

  • New CV to highlight strengths and suitable skills to land interviews. (Doc)

  • Cover letter x1 that will land you interviews. (Doc)

  • Linkedin profile revamps to attract companies and recruiters.

3. The Job search

  • Amending Cover Letters to land interviews.

  • How to network effectively. (Doc)

  • Opportunities from within The Career Agent network.

  • How to find the best jobs and how to manage Recruiters.

4. Interview success

  • Achieving success at interviews.

  • How to articulate your experience.

  • How to research a company. (Doc)

  • Proving you are the best candidate for the job.

5.Job Performance

  • Ensuring excellent job performance after you have landed a job.

  • Get promotions/pay rises. (Doc)

  • Moving to the next company when the time is right.


Some clients choose to work with us on a /Hr basis. The charge here is £75 / Hr.


Alternatively, you can purchase each of the stages for £250 each.


Most popular: Most clients buy stage 1-2 for £500 to obtain a career plan, skills audit, new CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile ready for the job search.


Full Course

For those who require dedicated support throughout the job search process, we recommend our full package:

  • Stage 1-5, unlimited support. We work together until you land the job you want.

  • 6 months career coaching to help you pass probation.

  • Cost: £1,000 initially. £1,000 when you successfully land the job you want.

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