Meet the Founder

Rory Laughton-Scott, Founder

Hi I'm Rory, Founder of The Career Agent.

I have been a recruiter since 2012, placing candidates into a wide range of companies and industries across the globe.

In 2018 I spotted a gap in the market and The Career Agent was born!

I started in Banking recruitment, managing two teams of recruiters on international projects for some of the largest Banks in the world.

Rory Computer.png

I had been helping friends with their CVs and career choices for years. I found that I was able to easily understand each person's unique strengths and skills, but at the time I thought nothing of it.

Word spread, I was getting more people coming to me for advice, so I started build some standard structures. Fast forward to today, we have helped approximately 180 people to find and secure their ideal job and career!

We have worked across most industries, helped people to leave the armed forces, entrepreneurs to set up their businesses, graduates to land their first role and professionals who feel lost to kickstart their lives!

We help individuals to understand their strengths, weaknesses and unique place in the world. We also help to advance your career; how to get pay rises, how to land promotions etc.

We use our coaching approach when recruiting for our clients too. We make our clients successful by finding candidates that really want to be there, and want to build a long term career at the company.

Our reviews show the impact with have on both individuals and companies, we make your life easier so you can focus on your strengths and what you enjoy.

The Career Agent is here to fix the job market, we look forward to speaking with you!