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Employers - How to Stand Out and Attract Candidates

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

This post helps you attract the best candidates by providing the information that matters.

In the war for candidates, more salary is not the only thing people are looking for!

Step 1, let’s consider what candidates want...

What candidates want:

➡️ Trust, support and recognition - from leaders in the business

➡️ Autonomy - some influence on the direction of their role, team and company

➡️ Enjoyable work - interested in what they do

➡️ Being intellectually challenged - feeling engaged

➡️ Salary - suitable for their experience

➡️ Progression, learning new skills - leading to future opportunities

➡️ Growing company/industry - leading to future opportunities

➡️ Flexible working, remote working

You see, salary is important, but its not the only factor!

Step 2, take a look at this extract from a real job specification we wrote for a Recruitment client below.

Selling points - why join us

✅ Modern digital marketing agency, with an excellent reputation

✅ Excellent rating on Glassdoor, 4.3 / 5

✅ Winning high-profile clients, international growth in the US

✅ We have placed a number of smart and great people there, who are thriving

✅ Sociable atmosphere and friendly, people help each other

✅ Progression is good so people tend to stay for many years

✅ Your manager has progressed quickly at the company due to her hard work and ability, she is brilliant to work with

We have addressed a number of the ‘what candidates want’ points.

Step 3 - open your job specification for your current or recent vacancy.

Are you addressing what candidates want in your job spec?

Don’t rely on your free fruit offering or gym membership, it won’t convince candidates to apply!

Step 4 - write a job spec to attract great candidates

Getting this task right is a challenge.

➡️ IDEA: interview your current employees to ask ‘why do you like working here’.

You will get some useful information to help with this task. It might even reveal some selling points that you weren’t aware of.

Every client we speak with has unique strengths, which will attract the right candidate.

➡️ Need help writing job specs that attract candidates?

Look no further than The Career Agent.

Want the good news? If you use us as recruiters we’ll create a job spec for free!

The Career Agent are now Recruitment partners to 10 clients in the UK and across the globe.

Our mission is to help fast growing businesses to scale successfully, with less stress and more success.

Contact us to find out more!


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