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Spring Newsletter, Corona + Reasons to be Positive!

I'm writing this blog during some extremely challenging times for workers and companies alike. What we must do is understand our options, stay positive and keep b*ggering on.

Below is some information to help and some latest news from The Career Agent. Sending you all my best wishes and keep fighting!

Free Coaching session - Redundancy

I am offering a free career coaching session to anyone who has been made redundant; please forward this email to anyone you know who has been affected by the crisis. I'm also extending this offer to anyone who is concerned about redundancy - do get in touch. Agenda:

  1. Getting closure on your situation

  2. Your skills and values

  3. Your dream career

  4. Getting positive and taking action.

Happier times, when face to face meetings were a possibility!

Industry Insights for job searchers

For anyone who is job searching at the moment, consider these industries who may have benefitted from the crisis;

  1. Any company that focuses on eCommerce and online deliveries would be a decent bet.

  2. Amazon are looking to hire 100,000 people in the US, so check out their UK vacancies.

  3. There are many food distribution companies like Farmdrop, Abel & Cole and ODDBOX who may be expanding their operations.

  4. The major supermarkets are also worth looking at.

  5. Education software for schools is booming, check out the companies in that space.

  6. Telecommunications; Zoom's share price doubled from $70 to $130 between January and March.

Career coaching news

As Bill Gates said; 'everyone needs a coach'. I help people to build a career that will fulfill them depending on their individual preferences, values and talents. We have some wonderful new reviews that can be found here.

Consider these questions;

- How happy are you in your job & career /10

- How closely does your job match your values /10

- How happy are you with your current salary /10

- To what extent are you utilising your strengths /10

- How confident do you feel about your ability /10

Book a call with us now to discuss more.

Recruitment news

We have successfully found new talent for a number of companies; particularly in the areas of sales, marketing, IT and finance.

If you know anyone who is hiring now or in the future, please do recommend us - recommendations are the most effective form of business!

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