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Students and Graduates - How to Get a Job - What Your University Doesn’t Tell You (Part 2)

Read Part 1 of our Students and Graduates: How to Get a Job series here!

With approx. 530,000 students graduating this year in the UK, here are some top tips from us.

The tips help any young person, with or without a degree - so read on!

What Graduates Do

Almost every graduate I speak to STILL prioritises Grad schemes.

The standard approach for a Graduate:

  1. Run their eyes down the Times top 100 list of employers

  2. Apply to the companies they recognise

  3. Apply for roles in industries they know, or industries their parents say were ‘good in their day’

As a result of this approach:

  • Large companies in established industries get 10,000 applications for 25 job vacancies

  • This gives the applicant a 1 in 400 chance of getting the role…

  • And you need to get past an 8 stage interview process…

Instead, think about these ideas…

➡️ Industries

Growing industries - learn what industries are booming, do some research.

Google ‘top 10 industries growing UK’ and you’ll get loads of ideas!

Our examples: Data, Digital Marketing, Online Payments, Electric Cars, Online Marketplaces to name a few.

➡️ Small-medium sized companies

These get nothing like the volume of applications - because of the Times100 situation as mentioned above. Give yourself a massively increased chance of success by finding small companies to apply for.

➡️ Temporary or junior roles

Whilst permanent roles are your Plan A, temp or junior roles are an excellent plan B.

Apply to ‘non graduate’ roles at companies you want to work for. In these roles you build your experience, network, and can get promoted internally, avoiding the 8 stage interview process.

This way you sneak in through the back door, impress and progress quickly.

➡️ Volunteering, freelancing

Get some experience on your CV through volunteering, freelancing etc. - don't just sit around for 6 months waiting for the perfect job.

Contact entrepreneurial businesses who need help. There are so many solo-preneurs who need assistance. Find them and offer to help.

➡️ Network

Network like mad - this works a lot more effectively than applying for roles online.

Find small companies, add their HR managers on Linkedin, offering to send your CV.

Speak to friends of your family, friends of your friends, gather information and ask people’s opinions; ‘what would you do if you were me’.

➡️ Linkedin

Create a Linkedin account and be clear about what you are looking for there.

Reach out to people on Linkedin who look interesting and ask for their opinion on your CV.

Include as much of your experience and skills on your Linkedin profile as possible, Hiring Managers and Recruiters love to see a well-maintained profile!

➡️ Linkedin content

Ideas for Linkedin content includes:

  • Write a post explaining what you are looking for.

  • Write an article summarising your dissertation or work experience; ‘What I’ve learnt so far’.

This type of creativity and proactivity really impresses employers!

We have new roles with our Recruitment clients in Sales, Marketing, HR and IT Support, so get in touch!

Secondly, our Career Coaching services help you ‘find your why’, we have free resources available to help you.

The Career Agent - here to help you achieve long term career success.

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