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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

How happy are you in your job?

This is a very important question and I’m going to help you answer it.

Are you happy at work? Take the career test to see if you are in the right industry. Book a free consultation with us and come and have a coffee and a career chat in London and the UK.
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Finding the right career path at a company that suits you is 100% vital to your happiness. Being happy in your job also boosts your chances of career success.

Successful people are not predetermined to be successful. They don’t have a divine right to do well. They have merely found their place / niche in the world of work.

They have worked out their interests, values and strengths and found a career which matches.

Now, back to you in your job. Find out how happy you are, by taking this simple activity.

The Happiness Test

I have listed all the frustrations that my career coaching clients tend to have.

Review this list of points and make a note of each one that resonates with you.

Do I like the job role itself?

- The work is not challenging enough, it’s too easy

- I don’t find the work interesting

- I don’t enjoy the majority of the tasks I do in my job

- I would like to be more client facing

- I am not using my creative ability enough

Does the job match my strengths?

- I am not very good at the job

- I have skills that I’m not utilising in this job

Does the job match my values and interests?

- The industry is not interesting to me

- I’d like to feel more passionate about what the company does

- I would like to help people more than I do currently

- I’d like to work more with the latest technologies

- I want to be more entrepreneurial

Am I senior enough or rewarded enough?

- My salary is too low given my ability

- I am under appreciated for my work

- I am ready for more responsibility

- I’d like to manage / lead more people

Work/life balance

- I am working too hard, I am unhappy with my work life balance


- I’d like to have more autonomy to make my own decisions

- I want to have the flexibility to work from home

The company performance

- The company is performing badly

- The company is too slow, there aren’t enough challenges for me to solve

The culture and people

- I don’t fit in with my work colleagues

- I don’t like my manager, we have a bad relationship

- I don’t like the senior management team, they don’t listen to me

If many of these factors resonate with you then there is work to be done!

What can you do about it?

Some of these options can be solved without moving job. You may just need to adjust your approach slightly. For example, improving your skills in how to manage upwards can achieve more responsibility and/or an increased salary.

However, some of the points raised require you to put some time aside to reflect on your situation and then to build an action plan for a brighter future.

One of the services we offer is the Career MOT which directly addresses the issues mentioned above.

We will have an open discussion about your job role:

  • Its positives

  • Its negatives

  • Your current frustrations

We also map out your strengths, values and interests – to see if you’re in the right place.

We then create an action plan to improve your situation, bring you more interesting work, pay rises and more.

Previous clients have found this to be a very successful process:


"Rory is really helping me to understand my career path up until now and to help focus my mind and my skills in order to help me land my dream job. His insights into my journey so far are making me approach the chore of job searching in a different way - making it a lot more exciting and less scary!"


"Through my one to one meeting with Rory, he was able to clearly structure what my professional working environment likes and dislikes were and most importantly helped me focus on what I really wanted to do in my future career."


"Negotiating a salary rise has always been a difficult topic to broach with managers in the past because it’s hard to know where to start your negotiation position from. However, working with Rory, he gave me guidance and a strategy for how to negotiate a new salary from an internal promotion."


"Extremely motivating, inspiring, making you see your real potential!"

If you are in a similar place to the people above or feel that you go through the same frustrations, contact us today for a 'Career MOT'.


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