Recruitment services ​

The Career Agent ensures that you hire the right employees that are dedicated and fully suited to driving your business forward.


Do you find yourself saying these things;

  • ‘Interviewing takes up too much of my time’

  • ‘I have hired the wrong people in the past’

  • ‘Recruitment firms are too expensive’

  • ‘Recruitment companies push the wrong candidates on us’.

“Rory worked out what career I wanted and devised a plan for me to achieve it, his input was invaluable.”

“I was fortunate to be offered the job, I don't think I would have been without Rory's help.”

“Rory helped to push me off the cliff of employment and gave me the confidence to start my own company.”

 “Rory gave me guidance and a strategy for how to negotiate a new salary. I got the pay rise I wanted.”

Services offered ​



1. Your ideal next career step

Helping you find the right level of job that will:

  • Intellectually challenge you

  • Bring enjoyment and value

  • Has future progression

  • Is financially rewarding.

2. Employability

Increase your chances of landing interviews, authentic CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn.

Become interview fluent to nail interviews.

3. Rapid Turnaround

We work quickly to bring you results.

  • New CVs within 24Hrs

4. Confidence

Boosting / rejuvenating your confidence, empowering you to make a positive change.

Putting setbacks in context to learn, move on and get positive.

Keeping momentum going during the job search, persevering.

5. Job Progession

Building great relationships with your boss / senior managers.
Pay rises and promotions.
Establish when is the right time to move job.

6. Salary Increases

We help you find financially rewarding jobs – if of course this is important to you.

We focus your search growing industries that are profitable now and in the future.