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We provide pre-screening, headhunting and performance coaching services.


Our recruitment services bring you candidates that are an ideal fit for your company and industry.


Our performance services ensure that your employees are empowered to bring success to the company.​

Hiring and retaining talent has always been one of the biggest challenges for employers across the globe.

You are looking for passionate, dedicated and hard-working individuals who can work well with clients and employees alike.


We analyse each individual candidate using our career coaching techniques. This ensures that you only interview the most suitable candidates.


We send you a full report on each candidate before you decide to interview them.

We offer performance and progression coaching, to ensure you retain your star performer employees.


Communication breakdown is the most common reason why employees resign, we re-establish lines of communication and build trust with employees.

Level, Law finance company - April 2019​

I am a start-up owner hiring at a rapid pace and Rory has been a complete revelation for us.  He is saving us significant amounts of time and money, whilst helping us hire excellent individuals. 


Rory met with my team and quickly understood my business and the kind of people we needed.  He gives me the option of charging on an hourly basis or on commission - this means I can source my own candidates from my network and obtain a genuinely impartial opinion of how good the candidate is for my business, without having to worry about whether he being influenced by commission (as per the usual recruitment model). 


Now Rory acts as my official outsourced head of HR.  So, I can either source my own candidates, which Rory interviews charging me a fixed hourly fee or Rory sources them himself from his pool of candidates he is coaching.


We would recommend him and his company highly to any business looking to hire the right people to bring success to their company.

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