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Hire candidates that deliver growth.

Land the job that grows your career.
We are Recruitment experts for employers and candidates.

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Grow your business with us.


We find candidates that are an ideal fit for your company culture.


We use our coaching techniques to get under the skin of each candidate, to find out if they would bring success to your business.

We work with small businesses to large corporates, so get in touch today.


Advance your career with us.


Get in touch to find out about our vacancies.

Upload your CV, get free careers advice and benefit from our network of employers.

Learn about our coaching services, and build your ideal career.

We help all levels from graduates to directors, so get in touch today.


Examples of the great companies where our candidates have landed jobs

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"The Career Agent have been a breath of fresh air as a recruitment partner.

They take time to listen to what you want to achieve, to find people who are best suited.

Every candidate has been of high quality and this has shortened the hiring process."

Harriet, Hiring Manager


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