About us

Rory Laughton-Scott, Founder

Hello and welcome to The Career Agent!


I founded the business in 2018 after I spotted a big gap in the market. The UK job market needed a company that would go the extra mile to helping both candidates and employers to find their dream match... The Career Agent was born!

Choosing the right career path and the right company has a huge impact on your quality of life, so the project of landing a job or changing job needs careful thought and analysis, that's where we come in.

We utilise our 18 years of Recruitment experience to help candidates to maximise their potential. We also help employers to find people who's career plan is a great match for their role.

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We have helped candidates across so many people across a variety of industries and levels, including Graduates to land their first job, ex-forces personel, entrepreneurs to take the leap to start their business and more!

Our reviews show the impact with have on both individuals and companies, and demonstrate our passion for careers and recruitment. The Career Agent is here to fix the job market, we look forward to working with you!

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Anastasiia Vypyrailo, Head of Recruitment

Anastasiia is the former Head of Recruitment for financial consultancies, working closely with numerous investment banks both in the UK and Spain.

Currently working with Marketing, Sales, IT and Business Support professionals in the UK and across Europe.


Working hard on expanding the Career Agent’s candidates pool by matching members of our network with the right clients.

“There is no bigger pleasure than seeing a successful change in our candidate’s careers and being part of their professional growth.”