About us

Rory Laughton-Scott, Founder

My nickname as school was ‘space invaders’.


This name originated from sitting in biology, daydreaming about anything other than biology, as the information went straight over my head.

At school I thought I was below par, not smart, not capable. Which was a shame.

I wasn’t interested in most of the subjects, and thus I didn’t do well and my expectations for my life lowered.

Fast forward to my first job, a role in Marketing. It required me to work quietly on my own, building websites, brochures, flyers etc.

I wasn’t very good at it.


Rory Computer.png

I realised that talking to other people, working in teams, with a unified goal in mind, motivated me.10 years in Recruitment has seen far more success than anything I’ve done previously.


Why? Because it matches my strengths and what I care about.

Fast forward to today and I am the Founder of a company specifically setup to help people play to their strengths AND their values.

Our mission is to help employers to find candidates who REALLY want to be there, and thus deliver excellent results.

We believe that success comes from being in the right environment for your strengths and values.

We are here to take the ‘luck’ out of success, for both employers and candidates.

Anastasiia Vypyrailo, Head of Recruitment
Anastasiia image.jpeg

Anastasiia is the former Head of Recruitment for financial consultancies, working closely with numerous investment banks both in the UK and Spain.

Currently working with Marketing, Sales, IT and Business Support professionals in the UK and across Europe.


Working hard on expanding the Career Agent’s candidates pool by matching members of our network with the right clients.

“There is no bigger pleasure than seeing a successful change in our candidate’s careers and being part of their professional growth.”