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“The Career Agent have been a breath of fresh air as a recruitment partner.
I work for a large corporate company and am used to agencies sending through numerous of ill-suited CVs, leading to hours of wasted interviews. They take time to listen to what you are trying to achieve, to then find people who are best suited.
Every candidate sent to us has had quality and this has shortened the hiring process.
The Career Agent will be my first choice going forward and I will be pushing for my firm to use them as their preferred recruiter.”

Success stories

We are proud of our client success stories for both candidates and employers and we can't wait to create new ones!


Below are some examples of companies who have recruited our candidates, and some testimonials from happy clients.

Tim, Expat Explore Travel

Rory and his team did a fantastic job recruiting Product Developers for my department.

He invested a lot of time to really understand who I was searching for and exactly what a successful hire would look like. He saved me so much time and added huge value to me by filtering all the candidates and then making recommendations and pros and cons for each of them. Not only did that save me hours in unnecessary interviews, but it also meant the the interviews I conducted were more focused and got to the critical stages much quicker.

The three staff I recruited (thanks to Rory) are not only a great fit for the job role, but they match our business core values very well, with a great desire to grow and develop.

I would (and have) recommend Rory's services to anyone.

Laura, Pitch121

Rory asked really interesting questions about how I work, what has been good and bad about previous team members, and my long-term direction. Rory made me realise that I had downplayed my role. The difference in candidates that applied was incredible. My previous job spec brought in about 10% suitable candidates, at least 80% were suitable once I put the new job spec out.

I was able to offer less salary by focusing on the opportunity I was offering. He put together a job spec that not just addresses current needs, but considers what the business needs long-time. I'm sure his full recruiting services would be done with as much passion, care and diligence; but just for job spec writing alone, I'd recommend hiring Rory and his team.

Dustin, ipaymy

We have used Rory to recruit for sales roles in EMEA, APAC and MENA and he has always done a fantastic job.


I personally find it frustrating to work with recruiters, it's very hard to find great ones. Rory is an exception and always delivered top-quality candidates that fit within my criteria.

Genie Drinks

We introduced talented individuals to Genie Drinks to help to grow their natural drinks brand.

Rory and his team have been a fantastic help to Genie. He introduced us to two excellent candidates who now work for us in our sales team. It was.great to work with an agent that knew his candidates so well. Thanks Rory!


Solarjuice were lacking administrators and project managers to deliver work efficiently. We helped them to understand the skills they needed to hire the right people.

Rory is that rare recruiter; appearing to spend equal quality time between the client and the candidate to match everyone’s needs in a realistic and refreshingly direct and open way - i.e. not the usual ‘go-between’ or ‘intermediary’ skewing communications.

From candidates feedback he appears more like a coach to them than an agent; interestingly, we feel he’s acting in a similar way with us, mentoring us towards the right person or solution. His pro-active involvement in our recruitment process is unmatched.

Rory has a knack for finding the type of candidates you normally CAN’T find through the recruitment process. This, I suspect is partly due to the lengths he goes to know about us and understand who would be the best fit.

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