Success stories

We are proud of our client success stories for both candidates and employers and we can't wait to create new ones!


Below are some examples of companies who have recruited our candidates, and some testimonials from happy clients.

The Caree Agent brand board


Rebecca, August 2021

Rebecca landed a job at one of our recruitment clients. As you can see, she is very happy with her new role!

I am so grateful to Anastasia from the Career Agent for introducing me to my employer. She was the best supporter/mentor anyone could have asked for. Always available to answer my questions and help me prepare.


She was so warm and was a great guide throughout the whole process since she first approached me on LinkedIn, to the interview process, till I settled into my current workplace. Thank you so much Anastasia! :) HIGHLY  RECOMMEND!

Genie Drinks, July 2021

We regularly introduce talented individuals to Genie Drinks to help to grow their natural drinks brand.

Rory and his team have been a fantastic help to Genie. He introduced us to two excellent candidates who now work for us in our sales team. It was.great to work with an agent that knew his candidates so well. Thanks Rory!

Giles, July 2021

Giles was looking to change industry after 10 years working in the travel business. After a couple of sessions with us, he successfully transition into an eCommerce business.

Empathetic, honest & a true solution finder. These are the star qualities that set Rory apart from any others in the career consultancy world. He understands and articulates the initial anxieties we all go through when deciding we need a new job.


He helps you overcome these by offering disruptive and positive truths using a series of modern interactive techniques. A measured assessment throughout the process allows for complete clarity of thought. Helping good people get what they deserve” is his refreshing mantra. He is true to his philosophy.

Laura, 2020

Laura had been job searching for 1 year after leaving University. She landed a Graduate level job within 3 three weeks of working with us.

I got introduced to Rory by a friend when I was going through quite a stressful time in my life, not having a clue what I wanted to do in terms of a career and lacking confidence in myself as it had been a year since I graduated.


After just one phone call with Rory I already felt more relaxed, confident and actually excited about finding the career for me. Rory had already worked out my strengths and the kind of area I needed to be working in within 20 minutes of speaking.


The use of Rory’s extensive interview prep resources and meeting him made me feel so much more confident for interviews – something I was terrified about before. Mock interviews with Rory made me feel more relaxed as Rory had an example I could use for every question – examples I hadn’t even thought about and he’d just picked up when asking about my experience.


Rory checked in daily and we spoke regularly on the phone. I couldn’t recommend him enough; Rory has a vision and an absolute passion, he genuinely cares and wants to find you the career that will make you happy and is best suited to you. All I can say is Thank You Rory!

Sorrel - 2020

I held a recruitment workshop for Sorrel at Allia Future Business Centre. The course was called 'Recruitment, how to save time and money’.

Rory came to Allia Future Business Centre to deliver a workshop on finding the right employee for your company. I was blown away by his engagement and organisation in the lead up to the session and by his laid back and extremely informative delivery. The workshop attendees give excellent feedback and learnt a great deal of tips and tricks for hiring in today's job market. I would highly recommend his workshop!

Rosie - 2020

Rosie had been working for a property company in London for 6 years, but was looking to return back to New Zealand. After finding a very exciting sports marketing role over there, we worked together on her interview technique and talked through how to highlight her strengths in an authentic way.

From the very first time I spoke with Rory, he made me feel reassured and more confident in my abilities. Rory has a host of tools that bring out the best in people, and tips and tricks to help get that across to potential employers. I'd highly recommend Rory!

James, Sales - July 2019

Together James and I worked through the different career choices out there and what it was that he really wanted to do. After we found the correct industry we created the perfect CV and cover letter for applications.

My sessions with Rory refined the directionless journey of my job search, and provided a clear picture of my strengths and how to utilise them. Since using his approach, I landed a dream job abroad.

Sam, Finance - June 2019

Sam had been struggling in the wrong job for three years and was failing to get past the application process. We had one interview training session which helped boost his confidence and get him on the way to finding his perfect job. 

Rory is the ideal career coach! His advice and guidance was instrumental in helping me successfully land a job with the company I had hoped for. He was a pleasure to work with, as he's honest, focused, encouraging and has a very wide knowledge of the job market and application processes.

On top of this he's incredibly insightful in terms of helping you become aware of your own key skills and abilities, and then helps you to understand and utilise these skills so that you are able to clearly demonstrate them to potential employers, in CVs, cover letters and interviews. With his guidance and expertise, Rory will help you reach your career goals - I highly recommend him if you're in need of career coaching!

Stephanie, Property - June 2019

Stephanie studied at university in Wales and wanted to move to London, to land the right job, rather than any job! We worked together through the whole employment process, helping her secure the role she wanted. 

Rory has been great to work with and always on hand with advice when you need it. He assisted me in a daunting move from Wales to London helping me secure a job! From one to one meetings, calls and emails Rory was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes of the working environment and guide me in the right direction to focus on the roles that suited me.


Along with Rory’s knowledge of the job industry and recruitment process he was able to provide me with invaluable tips, which made me feel prepared and confident when entering interviews. After the first session Rory was able to give his opinion on what he thought would suit me as a person and true to his word, it is the type of role which I have secured today. This was clear evidence to me that Rory was able to identify what industry and role was right for me and he kept me on track all the way to my final interview.


The most important thing was that Rory always kept my spirits high and confidence up, finding a job can be a demoralising process however, Rory never let it become one. I would highly recommend Rory to anyone needing advice about their career. Thank you Rory for all the help you have given me.

Will, Graduate, Finance - June 2019

Will was a recent graduate looking for a job in the city. After a year of struggling to progress past application and interview stages - we got in touch. After working together, fine-tuning his interview technique and helping him realise his strengths and character, he was able to land his dream job.

After leaving university and pursuing a career in the city, I found myself struggling to land interviews and progress through application processes. It had been a year of struggle with little development on the job front. That was until Rory contacted me.


After meeting him in London to discuss my previous applications, and what I was trying to achieve out of a job it became quickly apparent of the skill set and knowledge Rory possesses. Able to quickly extract the useful information I had previously not utilised in my applications Rory was able to show me skills and experience that have helped me to unlock my true potential as an entry-level graduate.


After his help, applications started to come back with far more positive results, and in the end it was with Rory's help that I have just landed my dream job. And for those in a similar position I could not recommend his services enough.

Josh, Project Management, New Business Sales - June 2019

Josh was looking for a career change to a role more challenging. Together we worked through what he wanted in his new role, and looked at how his experience would get him there. He managed to get the job he was looking for! 

Rory was referred to me through my personal network after expressing that I wanted to change/focus my career from Project and Account management to New Business Sales. 
My reason was clear, I enjoyed challenges, customer interactions, the process/concept of selling and of course had sights on the financial benefits. 

Where Rory was instrumentation was validating the WHY, structuring my HOW and advice on the WHERE. 

From targeted research and tailoring my CV/cover page, to incredibly valuable interview preparation for salary/position negotiation. 

Proof is in the pudding, I got the role at my first choice company! Really thankful!

Ghalia, Project Management - June 2019

Ghalia was a full-time mum looking to get back into work, but had lost some of her confidence and drive. Working together we were able to get her a job in under three months.​

Rory has been a life saver for me. Being a full-time mum for almost five years made lost my self esteem, and I have developed a fear from going to interviews and I thought I would never get a job anytime soon. But Rory helped me get a job in less than 3 months.


We went through my work experience, he wrote my CV, gave me tips on how to write the perfect cover letter. And the most important thing is that he brought back that joy inside of me, and helped me gain self-confidence again. I would never recommend him enough. Thank you Rory!

Sarah, Events - May 2019 

Sarah is a senior events manager for an events agency. We worked through her skills and showed her her own value and created a new CV for a new role and the pay rise she deserved.

Rory is incredibly motivating and gives you the support and confidence you need when applying for a new job or looking for a change in career. He is fantastic at understanding your situation and identifying strengths and weaknesses. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Fae, Digital marketing - May 2019 

We recruited Fae for one of our employer services clients. She impressed in interviews, got the job and has gone on to great success.

Rory has given me a fantastic guidance through the recruitment process. His services are highly recommended!!!

Alice, Paramedic - May 2019 

Alice is a paramedic and senior nurse. We helped her define the aspects of the job that she enjoyed most and to focus her career plan accordingly.

Rory worked with me to 'dissect' my previous employments and achievements which highlighted to me the potential areas of new employment in which I could thrive. The career coaching that he offered was invaluable in helping me to realise my potential in an alternative role.

Isabella, Fundraiser - May 2019 

Isabella was looking for a role within the charity sector in the UK. Her prior experience was from Germany and Africa, we helped her to apply these skills to the UK job market.

Rory is the ideal career coach! His advice and guidance was instrumental in helping me successfully land a job with the company I had hoped for. He was a pleasure to work with, as he's honest, focused, encouraging and has a very wide knowledge of the job market and application processes.


On top of this he's incredibly insightful in terms of helping you become aware of your own key skills and abilities, and then helps you to understand and utilise these skills so that you are able to clearly demonstrate them to potential employers, in CVs, cover letters and interviews. With his guidance and expertise, Rory will help you reach your career goals - I highly recommend him if you're in need of career coaching!

Rebecca, Defence, Executive Assistant, Head of Operations - May 2019

Rebecca has changed job roles and industries twice. We have helped her to recognise her level of talent, negotiate pay rises and move industries. She is now very successful in a senior position at a consultancy firm in London.

Rory has, over the past 7 years, been an invaluable source of career advice. He has helped me understand how my career has evolved and has been able to pin point where certain decisions have either advanced or stagnated my progression. By coaching me through a dramatic career change some 6 years ago I am now able to see how that initial session has served to build steadily to where I am now.


More recently Rory has been working towards helping me focus on my next move. He has a way of bringing clarity to any situation that is invaluable for me looking ahead to some fairly significant career choices in the near future. I don't doubt that I will be turning to Rory for continued advice for a while to come.

Phil, Marketing - May 2019

Phil is a digital marketing expert who had been very successful in his former company, but needed help mapping out how he had done it and the level of ability that he had. Our meetings helped him focus on the jobs that he wanted.

Rory is great to work with and his advice has been of great value whilst I am preparing for the next stage in my career. His has a unique ability to dive deep into my experience and surface the key attributes of my personality, based on my achievements, and then articulate those in a way that meets the needs of employers. I would recommend Rory to anyone who is looking for career advice and support at any level.

Michael, Engineer - May 2019

Michael was working in the sustainability industry in South Africa and was looking for a new role. We spoke over the phone and worked through his experience and which helped me create a CV for him.

I highly recommend Rory's services. His advice and expertise are exceptional! During my initial call with Rory he talked me through step-by-step, from the beginning of my professional career, asking why I was in my current role, what brought me there and what I would like out of a future role. This gave me the opportunity to highlight and identify key skills and achievements that I have gained over the years from all of the different roles and challenges I had faced in the past.

This allowed Rory to completely revamp my CV and customise it to get the perfect role for me. Being an engineer, the job specs are very ‘box ticky’, but Rory was able to highlight my skill sets that made me standout from every other engineering candidate. Thank you Rory!

Josephine, Food industry, Marketing - May 2019 

Josephine was a joint partner in the food industry and needed help to recognise her experience and value when for a new role. Working together we managed to raise her expectations in what she was capable of.

Rory is really helping me to understand my career path up until now and to help focus my mind and my skills in order to help me land my dream job. His insights into my journey so far are making me approach the chore of job searching in a different way - making it a lot more exciting and less scary!

Definitely get in touch with Rory if you feel you aren't getting all you want from your current job situation - I am really glad I did!

Solarjuice, Renewable energy company - April 2019

Solarjuice were lacking administrators and project managers to deliver work efficiently. We helped them to understand the skills they needed to hire the right people.

Rory is that rare recruiter; appearing to spend equal quality time between the client and the candidate to match everyone’s needs in a realistic and refreshingly direct and open way - i.e. not the usual ‘go-between’ or ‘intermediary’ skewing communications.

From candidates feedback he appears more like a coach to them than an agent; interestingly, we feel he’s acting in a similar way with us, mentoring us towards the right person or solution. His pro-active involvement in our recruitment process is unmatched.

Rory has a knack for finding the type of candidates you normally CAN’T find through the recruitment process. This, I suspect is partly due to the lengths he goes to know about us and understand who would be the best fit.

Georgia, Graduate, Marketing - April 2019 

Georgia had two years experience in the fashion industry before her role was made redundant. After working together to help her realise her skills and values she secured a role at a global marketing company.

Rory was really helpful. He talked me, step-by-step, through my experience and helped me identify my skills and competencies more precisely. This gave me a real confidence boost after six months travelling. He supported me through applications, communication was always easy and he was ready to advise at any time.


I would definitely recommend him for graduates, or young professionals needing advice about their career.

Augusta, Graduate, Publishing company - April 2019 

Augusta​ was a recent graduate looking for a career path to go down. Working together we built her confidence, made her understand her skills and how they were useful in the real world.

Rory could not be a better person to fill you with confidence, make you realise what your skills are (which we all have!) and how to use them in the world of work. With so many options out there, he makes it clear, not so daunting and a very exciting leap to take!

Whatever that may be. He is kind and very easy to talk to and confide in! So he could not be a better career coach in helping you realise and actualise your dreams!

Nathan, Graduate, Finance - March 2019 

Nathan was a graduate looking for a finance position who didn't realise his interpersonal skills were so valuable in the finance industry. W worked on his interview technique, helped him persevere after failures and introduced him to my network.

Before meeting Rory, I lacked confidence in my applications as I was rarely called for interviews. He really taught me how to highlight my strengths and this paid dividends as I was invited to more and more interviews until I finally secured a job. Rory also helped me to expand my network by connecting me with many experienced professionals in my field.


I would definitely recommend Rory for all those who need help with their applications and interviewing skills. Not only does he help you to develop your skill set, but he also checks in regularly to ensure that you remain proactive and do not fall off the radar.

Sam, Sales, Finance - March 2019 

Sam needed help getting over the final hurdle in the job search process. We worked together on interview technique and confidence boosting exercises, landing a job in Austria.

I worked with Rory before a final interview for a dream job.


I've always managed to get to the last stage of the recruitment process, but Rory's expertise and insight helped me to finally get over the line and secure a position in a very competitive process.


Rory was flexible and understanding, using his knowledge to help distill down my experiences into really effective and strong interview answers and case studies.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rory to anyone who needs career help, guidance or interview preparation.

Ali, Project Manager, Marketing - December 2018

Ali was looking to land a £10k pay rise. She successfully landed the pay rise she was looking for.

Negotiating a salary rise has always been a difficult topic to broach with managers in the past. Rory gave me guidance and a strategy for how to negotiate a new salary from an internal promotion.


He took away the emotional aspect, instead focusing on business, skill set and future growth. Giving me clear steps and points to cover in the conversation, this insight gave me the confidence to manage and negotiate effectively.


I negotiated an increased salary. Working with Rory was a great experience and it has equipped me with a new skill set and given me confidence for future negotiations.

Christopher, Fintech marketing - December 2018 

Christopher needed help working out what he really wanted in his career. Through one very good meeting we were able to focus on what it was that he wanted to do in his career. 

Through a one to one meeting with Rory, he was able to clearly structure what my professional working environment likes and dislikes were and most importantly helped me focus on what I really wanted to do in my career.


Rory was able to give me useful tips and advice about the job market which ultimately empowered me to making the right decision. Sometimes you just need an expert opinion and guidance and Rory has plenty to share.


Ross, Compliance - December 2018 

Ross was made redundant in a previous role and needed to take stock on his skills and interests, to build a new career plan.

Rory was a great help in working out what I wanted to do with my career, he helped me work out what I actually wanted to get from my career and helped to devise a plan for me to go and achieve it. His input was invaluable and I only have good things to say.


Manuel, IT software sales - October 2018 

Manuel had been looking to leave his company for a couple of years, but was apprehensive to do so. We reinsured Manuel he was doing the right thing and that he had very impressive skills that other employers would benefit from.

Leaving your comfort zone, quit your job and change your career is never an easy process. From the beginning, Rory understood my situation and was a great support. He helped me to understand my strengths and preferences, helping me to take important decisions about my career path. He encouraged me to aim for challenging positions as long as they were aligned with what fuels my extrovert self and makes me happy.


But what is more important, after too many years not being motivated and feeling lost about my professional life, he helped me to build my confidence back. He made me realise how much value and good experience I have. Together, we planned how to leverage that experience and unique skills during my job hunting.

Melissa, Graduate, Civil Service - October 2018 

Melissa was very talented person, however she was inexperienced in how to right cover letters and under go  the job search process. We worked hard to get Melissa's skills on to paper. She landed a job at her dream employer - the Civil Service.

Finding a job after university is not easy, particularly because finding a job is a skill that is not taught at university.


Working with Rory, he taught me how to find a job, he highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and gave me the confidence to “nail interviews”.


I always thought I didn’t really need a coach, however having been coached by Rory I realised that everyone needs one that I couldn’t have found my current career path without his help. I’m certain I will be seeking his help again in my next stage of my career.

Helen, Contract law - September 2018 

Helen was finding her job too easy and was unfulfilled. Working together, Helen realised she had the skills to start her own business in contract management. Her business has gone on to be a great success to this day.

Rory helped to push me off the cliff of employment and gave me the confidence to start my own company. Starting a company can be challenging in more ways you originally think and Rory allowed me to use him as a soundboard providing excellent advice whenever I wavered.


An impartial person can offer real insight into what will work and I relied heavily on Rory's vast industry knowledge when deciding where to focus my attention. Since starting my business my life has changed enormously for the better and I owe a lot of that to Rory.

John, Venture Capitalist - August 2018

John had started his own company and was looking to return to permanent employment. John successfully landed a new job at a large venture capital firm. 

Rory helped me on two fronts. Firstly he rejuvenated my CV so that it better highlighted  my relevant skills and experiences, reduced less important content and gave it a format that had a much greater impact.

Secondly, for interviews he really made me recognise what my relevant strengths, skills and abilities were. I am not a great self-advocate but Rory greatly coached this out of me so that in an interview situation I was highlighting my key achievements and selling myself to do the role deep down I knew I could succeed in.

I was fortunate enough to be offered the job and I don't think I would have been without Rory's help and guidance. I would highly recommend Rory's services.

Polina, Project manager, Finance - August 2018

Had worked at her company for 6 years - she was undervalued at the company. With our help she landed a new and more senior job at Accenture.

Rory helped me to define what I want and made me believe that I'm a valuable specialist.


He helped me to understand my best skills and what I enjoy the most, also he showed me the options on the market.

Ben, Financial sales - August 2018 

Ben had been traveling and out of the job market for 18 months and had never created a CV before even with 10 years experience. We started from scratch, creating an employer friendly CV for the senior financial sales positions he was looking for - he landed a job 2 months later!

Rory was invaluable during every step of my search for employment after a considerable time out of work. He encouraged me to think strategically about my potential employers and my suitability for them.


Despite being a capable candidate I was unrefined in my approach and Rory's interview prep and CV amendments improved not only the quantity of my successful job applications but also the quality of my interactions with those prospective employers. The job market is extremely competitive and Rory's help will give you the edge over other candidates.

Sarah, Law - March 2018 

Sarah was looking for a new job in law after moving to Singapore. We helped her revamp her CV to appeal to employers and she landed a job soon afterwards.

Rory gave a big boost to my CV. Even if we don't work in the same sector, he understood exactly how I needed to reshape my CV in order to change job. It was a pleasure working with such a vibrant person as him.


We have started with a career discussion (am I on the right path, what could be better) in order to review my CV (does my CV show all my best skills, to help me to get hired) . He also helps me to prepare the Interviews . Such great experience to prepare this step with him ! Thank you so much!

Elodie, Graduate, Marketing agency - May 2018

Elodie was a bit lost and couldn't work out exactly what she wanted to do. We worked through her interests and passions to help her work out the direction that she was going.

I cannot recommend Rory highly enough. Our meeting really helped to define what I am interested in. We started by reviewing my previous experience and identifying what I enjoyed about each role. From this Rory spotted a common trend about the sort of work that I like doing. Rory then organised my CV to present my strengths and these interests, which meant that I could start researching and applying for jobs that I actually wanted to do.


I felt so positive after my meeting with Rory and felt like I had much more direction on where I wanted to go. Thank you!