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Are you standing out from the competition?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Career Hacks

How do you stand out from the competition, when applying for a role that you really want?🤔

Ask yourself these questions;

➡️ Do you contact the recruiter/hiring manager after applying to a role?

Our advice is to add them on LinkedIn and ideally give them a call to follow-up.📲

Your first line can be as simple as;

‘I wondered if you had any more information about the role’


‘I was inquiring when the interviews will be taking place’ etc.

Just get a conversation going, on LinkedIn messenger or ideally over the phone.

The recruiter/hiring manager won’t be able to resist looking at your CV out of curiosity, which immediately puts your CV to the top of the pile. ✅

➡️ Do you respond immediately to any communications from the potential employer?

If you respond quickly to an email you receive, the employer will think you are very efficient and professional - vital for obvious reasons.

Your etiquette on email says a lot more about your suitability for the role than you might think! ✅

➡️ Do you reply to an interview invitation?

A polite email saying that you are available for the time stated, and that you are looking forward to the interview, shows you are keen and motivated for the role. ✅

Recruiters and hiring managers can receive hundreds of applications for each role they are hiring for.

They are anxious to find someone who CAN DO the job and who really WANTS the job.

Help them to sift through the hundreds of applications, by showing that you are the candidate they are looking for.

Do you agree with the above?

What have we missed?


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