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how to land a job in 2022


Build your ideal career plan
Sell yourself on paper / in person

Increase your confidence
Get job offers

5-Star Reviews

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Upcoming Events

  • How to land a job in 2022 - May 9th
    How to land a job in 2022 - May 9th
    Mon, 09 May
    90min presentation & breakouts
    09 May 2022, 17:30 – 19:00
    90min presentation & breakouts
    We cover everything you need to know to land the job you want! If you are actively looking for a job OR you are considering your career options, this workshop is for you! Sessions are available at 1pm for Students and Graduates and 6pm for Experienced Professionals.
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Does this sound like you?

"I'm not clear what my ideal job role is"

"I know I have talent, but I cant land a great job"

“I really need to improve my CV, Cover Letters and Linkedin.”

"I don't know where to find the best jobs"

“I find it hard to sell myself, so I can't get the job I want.”

We have a lunchtime session for Graduates and an evening session for experienced candidates.


Each workshop is tailored to the career challenges that you might be facing.

We teach you how to:

  • Play to your strengths and work out your ideal career plan

  • Authentically sell your skills and experience to show that you’re the perfect candidate

  • Learn about which fast growing industries you should apply to

  • Increase your confidence and reduce interview nerves a

  • Overcome any failures by taking positive action!

This workshop is for:

  • Graduates looking for their first job interview

  • Professionals looking to rapidly advance their careers

  • Professionals changing careers (ex-forces, moving sector, etc.)

  • Parents and redundancies returning to work.

what you will learn?

Who is this for?

workshop reviews


Excellent workshop

The group presentations and breakout sessions were incredibly helpful.


In addition to getting practical advice I could immediately put to work, the impromptu networking resulted in some new connections and friends who have helped me out through introductions, resume reviews, etc.

A true solution finder

Empathetic, honest and a true solution finder. These are the star qualities that set Rory apart from  others in the career consultancy world.


He understands and articulates the initial anxieties we all go through when deciding we need a new job. He helps you overcome these by offering disruptive and positive truths using a series of modern interactive techniques.

Realise your potential

Rory gave me the confidence to make an important career decision.


He is able see to the heart of a situation and identify, concisely, what actions should be taken and how best to approach them.


Primarily, Rory helps others to realise their potential by training and guidance on how best to present, verbalise or convey their own abilities and strengths.

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