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Does your working culture stack up?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Employee satisfaction

A great culture isn't just about finishing early on a Friday, free fruit in the office, or work drinks…

This is our ‘culture checklist’, gathered over 11 years in the Recruitment industry - this is what we think people care about.

Employers, give yourself a score /5 for each subheading.

Employees, score your employer /5 for each subheading.

➡️ Working with people you like

- Friendly employees who help each other to succeed

➡️ Communication

- Open and honest communication between employees/managers

- Managers who respect, and actively listen to their team

➡️ Autonomy/Trust

- Employees are given autonomy and trust to get their work done

- Employees and Managers take responsibility and accountability for work that needs to be delivered

- Flexibility; employees have some say in terms of where/when they work

➡️ Recognition

- Employees get a fair salary for the value they deliver

- Employees are recognised and given credit for their contribution

➡️ Career Progression

- Employees are challenged in their role and learn new skills

- Company invests in training / education for employees

➡️ Mission/Purpose driven

- There is a clear strategy, which demonstrates how the company stands out from its competitors

- The company strives to make its customers or clients lives easier/better

- The environment may be part of the company purpose

➡️ Growth

- The company is growing / or progressing towards its mission

- The industry is growing ideally

➡️ Others

- Clear boundaries (limited contact outside work hours)

- A clear Equality strategy

✅ For employers this list might help you to consider how to build a stronger culture, leading to greater retention.

It may also help you to realise the strength of your culture, which is vital when advertising yourselves whilst Recruiting

✅ For candidates, this list might help you consider if your current employer is the best place for your career right now.

Do you agree with our list?


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